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Tess offers a relaxing, pain-free way to trim your pet's nails. There's no clipping involved with traditional clippers. We use a dremel tool for a pain-free process.

Ginger pretty in pink Pawlish with dots

Jai before and after Peticures By Tess , the results are awesome short, healthy nails.

Aromatherapy is part of every Peticure by Tess, we prefer DoTerra essential oils.

Aromatherapy is part of every Peticure by Tess, we prefer DoTerra essential oils.

Deliah the Basset Hound stays relaxed during her Peticures By Tess , the way it should be, healthy and happy dogs!

Mastiff “Brody”
Big dogs have bigger, thicker nails and really appreciate the pain-free approach to keeping their nails short by Peticures By Tess

Scooter before and after nail pics… Those tiny nails grow under, Making it difficult to walk, now with a pain free Peticures By Tess , he is feeling good.

Louie ready for Easter with his “Robins Egg Blue” Pawlish

"Bronx" finishing her Peticures By Tess with blue Pawlish from "I love Pet Head" peticures

Lita gets a detailed Valentine Peticures By Tess with hand painted hearts on her nails! (Pink Pawlish with hot pink hearts)

Elmo getting his Peticures By Tess complete with hand filing and a tasty reward.

Burgie the Basset Hound getting his Peticure complete with “green with envy Pawlish”

My beautiful Russian friend “Lily” getting her Peticure complete with hand filing and love

I love getting the dogs to relax and trust me for their Peticure, the results are beautiful short, smooth healthy nails and a happy dog.

Jake, the worlds best Chow Chow :)

Roxy gets her Peticure complete with sparkle pawlish